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The Most Capable Juicer You Can Get in The Market 

Zhejiang Kangnailai Technology Co., Ltd has been a torchbearer in the field of electronics since 20118, and we identify ourselves as a pioneer wholesale juicer distributor in the market. We have designed our juicers to be compact and easy to clean so you can enjoy the true taste of the juices. We have utilized the best possible material and technology to manufacture our juicers, so they are reliable and capable of blending all kinds of fruits and vegetables. We, as a leading force, take great pride in calling ourselves the leading China juicer exporter as we offer durable juicers at affordable prices along with timely deliveries to ensure that you get the most of our high-quality juicer every time. 

Why is Our Juicer Better Than the Rest?

We, as a prominent name in the China juicer exporter circuit, understand the need for a reliable juicer that is capable of extracting all kinds of juices from different fruits and vegetables. We have made the juicer with high-quality materials and enabled it with the four-leaf cutter head so it can cut the fruits and vegetables properly and offer the best quality extract out of them. We have also made sure that it is easy to clean and carry; hence the juicer comes with a detachable cover so you can simply work your way around the juicer. The juicer has been designed to save your time that is often wasted in the cutting and chopping of different products. 

Juicer Comes with Different Options

The juicer is available in two sizes, so you can pick the one that fits your requirements. The bigger variant comes with the dimensions of 24 cm x 8 cm, and the smaller version is available with the dimensions of 20.5 cm x 7 cm. We, as a wholesale technology producer, are aware that it often happens that juicers that are available in the market come with low output that makes them underpowered hence we have equipped the juicer with 30w power output so it can provide you the best results. We offer both variants of the juicer at an unmatchable price point and with fast and secure delivery modes so it can reach you as you anticipated.