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Get Hair Free Crystal Smooth Skin From Our Portable Epilator

Kangnailai Technology Co., Ltd offers revolutionary design and quality handheld epilators that are made especially for smooth and dry skin. Get rid of those disturbing hair on your sensitive skin with ease. Our high-quality epilator offers a led display with touch technology and a 5-speed transmission to get rid of those hairs quickly from sensitive areas of your skin without damaging it. Now you don’t have to worry about raising your hands in buses and subways and you don’t have to visit any expensive beauty salons, our handheld epilator is here to make your life easier.

We are the Amazing Handheld Epilator Supplier

Being one of the best in the international market we are here to help our customers by providing only the finest quality epilator machines that can delay the net hair growth of those pesky hairs on your skin just by upgrading the pulse light of the laser it can disintegrate the hair follicle accurately, delaying the growth of hair from the root by irradiating the growth cycle to archive smooth and silkiness effect on the skin. Thanks to our happy customers we are now known as the best wholesale handheld epilator distributor globally.

Our Product Will Make You Fall in Love with It

Our epilator comes in a size of 12.5 cm in height, 9 cm in width and a weight of 0.4 kg, making it a cute-looking small device that you can carry anywhere you like. It offers an IPL light source along with 80W power making it a perfect machine to remove your hair anywhere you want comfortably.  

Why We are The Remarkable Handheld Epilator Supplier

We are well known all over the world because of the quality of the products we provide to our customers and most importantly the number of our customers that are happy with us and enjoy all our products. Satisfying the customers' expectations and demands is the main cause for our fame in the global market, and that’s why we have earned the title of the reliable handheld epilator distributor. Kangnailai Technology is the name that represents reliability and quality.