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What To Look for In a Hair Clipper?

What To Look for In a Hair Clipper?

To begin with hair clipper shopping, you first need to know what a hair clipper is, as most people tend to confuse it with hair trimmers. There is a difference between the two; hair trimmers, as the name indicates, are used to trim the hair, not cut it as they have small blades with very small spaces between them. You are not supposed to use a hair trimmer to cut your hair; they can only perform functions like edging, outlining, and shaping. For cutting your hair, you need a hair clipper, but in that too, you need to know a few things to get the right hair clipper that suits your task. To understand that, first, you need to know about all the different hair clippers available in the market.

Types of Hair Clippers:

There are two basic types of hair clippers, and both are uniquely different from each other; the best thing to note here is that you can get these from a  hair clipper wholesaler as they offer the best prices and premium quality products.

• Detachable Blade Hair Clipper

First off, there is a detachable blade hair clipper, not very difficult to understand; it is basically a hair clipper whose blade can be removed and replaced with a different blade depending on how you want to cut your hair. The blades that can be used for this hair clipper range from 3 ¾ to 00000. To cut your hair short, you need to use the blade with the smallest number.

• Adjustable Hair Clipper:

An adjustable hair clipper doesn’t allow you to change the blade; instead, it allows you to adjust the blade length. It has a lever to adjust the blade length; when you want to cut your hair short, you just have to close the lever and vice versa for a long hair cut.

Things to Consider:

• Hair clippers come in both cordless and corded structures; the difference between the two is only that the corded ones require to be plugged to function, whereas cordless ones get that power from a battery and don’t require to be plugged into an outlet at all times except for times when they need to be charged. Although usually, the battery of hair clippers is taken out to be charged, so they aren’t directly plugged into the socket; besides that, some hair clippers operate on cells. Therefore, choose one that you will be able to use easily.

o You need to make sure that the blades of your hair clipper aren’t just sharp but are also of the right size. You can sharpen your blades anytime, but you can not change their size; therefore, get the right blade size.

o The motor of the clipper is also very crucial as it is going to supply the power to the clipper by which it will function. There are three major types of motors in hair clippers, magnetic motor, pivot motor, and rotary motor. The pivot and rotary motors are very powerful and have good blade speed and volume cutting. 

o Maintenance is a must for every product similarly; for hair clippers too, you must lubricate it with oil, dust its blades, etc. Doing these simple things will go a long way as they would increase the life of your clipper.

So, these were a few things that you must take into account while choosing a hair clipper. You can either go for a detachable blade or adjustable hair clipper, whichever is convenient for you. Remember to check the clipper's motor before making your purchase. And of course, don’t forget to maintain your clipper so that it functions for a longer time.

How to Cut Your Own Hair with Clippers

Now that you have bought your very own hair clipper, let us see how you can use it to cut your own hair.

1. Plug in the clipper and wait for it to heat up, if it’s a corded clipper.

2. Decide how you want to cut your hair, short or long.

3. Choose the right blade size and attach it to the clipper.

4. Section your hair and hold it tight to not move while you are cutting.

5. Cut your hair slowly and steadily in the direction of the growth of your hair.

6. Make sure that you cut evenly, if not then you can use a comb to make the desired adjustments.

7. Check the back of your hair to make sure that you have cut it evenly.

8. Finally, style your hair the way you want and enjoy your new look.

So, this was how you can cut your own hair with a hair clipper. It is not at all difficult and just requires a little practice. Depending on your preference, you can cut your hair short or long, and make sure that you are using the correct blade size to get the desired results.

And there you have it! You can now cut your own hair with the help of a hair clipper without having to go to a salon. Just be careful while cutting and make sure that you follow the steps correctly. Also, if you are a beginner, then it is better to start with cutting your hair short and then move on to longer haircuts.

So, these are the few things that you must take into account while choosing a hair clipper.