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Hair Clipper vs. Hair Trimmer – which one is best?

Hair Clipper vs. Hair Trimmer – which one is best?

Earlier, men were bound to go to a barber for getting a cut or trim, but with the rapid development of technology, such advancements have been made that have made the process of cutting or trimming hair much much easier. Today we have plenty of tools and devices that can give a cut or trim like a barber, perhaps even better than a barber, you can say. However, there is still some homework left for you to do before jumping onto using any of these hair-cutting tools. Every device or tool is designed to be used for a particular purpose and is not suitable to use for anything other than that. Even if you happen to use it for some other purpose, it just won’t give out the best results, and the blame will be on you, not the device. One such confusion that still exists is between a hair clipper and a hair trimmer. People consider the two same, but they are quite different from each other. Let’s discuss how?

Both Cut Hair Pretty Well! Then What’s the Difference?

Yes, both cut hair; that is one similarity you can count on, but otherwise, the two are entirely different. A hair clipper has longer blades with wide gaps, and it is designed as such so that it can cut long hair without any difficulty. However, if you want to do edging, outlining, shaping, or dry shaving, then a hair clipper won’t be the best choice. This is where the need for a hair trimmer comes in; a hair trimmer has smaller blades with very small gaps, so it can be used very easily to do outlining, shaping, edging, and of course, trimming your hair. If you are going to use a hair trimmer for cutting your hair that are not short, then you are not going to get the finest cut. If you have long hair, then a hair clipper is suitable for you, whereas if you have short hair, then a hair trimmer will do the thing for you. Another situation can be that you have long hair, but you want to make them as short as possible with proper edging, outlining, and shaping. In a situation like this, first, you will have to use a hair clipper to make your long hair short and then use a hair trimmer to trim, edge, outline, and shape them. 

Which Hair Clipper to Get?

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A hair clipper also comes in a variety of kinds with different blades, guards, and accessories. Any hair clipper provider can assist you in selecting the right kind of hair clipper by having a look at your hair length and its texture. The various kinds of hair clipper are:

• Detachable Blade Hair Clipper:

This one is the best hair clipper to have as its blade can be detached, so whenever you feel like you want an inch long hair or an inch shorter hair, you can easily detach the blade of this hair clipper and insert a new one.

• Adjustable Hair Clipper:

This one lets you adjust the clipper, which means you can adjust the length of the blade.

• T-Blade Hair Clipper:

This one, as the name indicates, is a hair clipper that looks like the alphabet T. 

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